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In our last blog post we looked at Google Shopping, a powerful way of attracting a potential buyer. But what happens if a buyer is attracted to your site but doesn’t buy there and then? How do you remind a potential customer of your product once they have left? The answer is remarketing.

The chances are, if someone is browsing the internet for a product, that they will visit several websites before making a decision. Remarketing is a way of reminding a customer about your product or service once they have left your site, and hopefully whilst they are still considering their purchase in the coming days or weeks.

You’ve probably seen remarketing ads before. They’re the image based ads which follow you around the internet as you browse, advertising a product or website you have viewed in the previous days or weeks. The websites they appear on have signed up to host Google Display Ads.

To set up remarketing you need to have a bit of technical know-how. Firstly you define the audience you want to target within Google Analytics and then you import it into your Google Adwords account. If your website numbers are quite small or you want to keep things quite general you can keep your remarketing audience as anyone who has visited your site. If you have bigger website hits you can create an audience as specific as anyone who has abandoned the shopping cart (you need at least 100 visitors to create an audience). The great thing about remarketing ads is that you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad, hence a potential customer may have your advert popping up several times reminding them of your product, without it even costing you anything.

Although the click through rate on remarketing ads is generally quite low, they are performing the very useful role of reminding people of your product as they consider their purchase. People may well end up revisiting your site through an organic search of your business name too. Remarketing ads are a great way of bringing potentially lost leads back to your websites.

Tips: Make sure the remarketing ad you create reflects the audience you have targeted. 

We are currently offering Free Google Adwords Audits through our digital marketing partner. This will include advice on whether remarketing is right for your business – get in touch  for more info.

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