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We all know the frustration of looking at the web stats and seeing the, sometimes large, proportion of customers who got as far as the cart and then whoosh, disappeared. Where did they go? Was dinner calling, lunch break up, a giant hot air balloon landing in their back garden momentarily distracting them from their purchase? It’s hard to know in most cases what prevents someone from completing their purchase, but there are some useful tools which can help bring those people back from their state of abandon to become a fully fledged, signed-up customer.

One thing to ensure is that your website has the checkout experience as smooth and easy as possible, otherwise it’s possible your ‘almost customer’ lost interest in pursuing their purchase. Your website needs to be easy to select the product, simple to see and click on the basket and ensuring the checkout experience is as easy as possible.

So if, despite your best efforts, you’re still seeing people drop out before they finish their purchase, it’s time to intervene. As well as Google Remarketing, which we covered in our last blog post, there are some great plugins you can add to your retail site to help bring customers back to finish their purchase. One allows you to auto email people who got as far as entering their email address to remind them their basket is waiting. This is very effective and does work to draw people back who were merely distracted during the checkout process rather than having a complete change of heart.

We hope you found this blog post useful. For help with setting up an effective online route to purchase and all aspects of the creation of an online retail website, get in touch.

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