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Online marketing is growing increasingly more and more important. Low levels of relevant traffic visiting your site, limits its performance as both a marketing and business generation tool – no matter how brilliant and well designed your website and product may be. At Spartan Website Design, our team of online marketing experts can help you to attract more high-quality traffic to your website and dramatically improve your Google ranking through a process called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

Having a presence on page one of Google and other leading search engines is crucial. There is a perception among the majority of search engine users that companies listed on page one of a search engine are the best in the business – and the most trustworthy. This is why 90% of web searchers don’t bother to look past the first page. If you are on page one, or ranked in the top few places on Google, your site has a vastly greater chance of being viewed and gaining the consequent sales and trade. A high ranking on Google can work wonders in helping your business to grow and prosper, so let Spartan’s SEO experts help you to achieve that all important page one presence.


If you’re looking to fast track your website into those Google top spots, Pay per click (PPC) is a fantastic strategy. PPC provides immediate online exposure and is an effective support method to build your brand’s online presence whilst you wait for organic search engine optimisation to fully take effect. This process has fantastic results in terms of propelling your website to the top of Google overnight, with a spot guaranteed in page one’s ad section. What’s more, the pay per click nature of AdWords advertising caters for a wide range of budgets.

A well tested, targeted advert on Google Adwords will generate more interest in your business and can greatly increase the number of clicks through to your website. The targeted nature of a well managed PPC campaign means that the new traffic to your website is more likely to be users actively interested and actively searching the web for your products or service. As a result, AdWords traffic will be closer to purchase on arrival at your site, and you will have a far greater chance of converting clicks into into sales.

With PPC, you pay a pre-arranged amount each time someone clicks on the advert – what’s more, the larger number of clicks you get, the cheaper the cost per click (CPC) becomes. A beneficial feature of PPC is that you control the budget – setting it daily, weekly or monthly. You are also in control of deciding what time of day you want the advert to run and in which parts of the country you would like it to appear.

Google Shopping is also becoming more and more popular. This image based marketing strategy is more cost effective per click than AdWords, though does attract fewer clicks on average. However, Google Shopping clicks are of a greater value still to your business than those sourced through AdWords, as users will only click through that are set on purchasing your product or service. Similar to AdWords, Google shopping is charged on a pay per click basis.

We will monitor your conversion rates and the most effective keywords and phrases to ensure you achieve the maximum return on your investment.

Our digital marketing team is fully accredited by Google in Adwords, Shopping, and Analytics, so you can rest assured your online marketing budget is in safe hands.


Billions of people use social media platforms worldwide on a daily basis, whilst 46% of web users use social media as an indicator before committing to a purchase, and many use it as their sole source of industry news. Given this, social media has become a truly indispensable online marketing tool. An active, well managed social media account can exhibit the human side to your business, giving it a more personable and trustworthy feel to potential customers, while also demonstrating your company as legitimate, current and relevant. Make sure your business benefits from this wide reaching yet subtle marketing platform.

There is an expectation for businesses to be involved with social media, with Facebook and Twitter the centre stage for the movement. Whether you tend to engage in social media in your personal life or not, it is an invaluable part of the successful online promotion of your business.

At Spartan, we can assist you in the set up and management of your accounts, as well as providing you with professional and expert insights into the online world of social media. Having a strong social media presence is a fantastic platform on which you can reach a wide-ranging audience and tap into people’s interest in a subtle and non-intrusive manner.

As most of your posts don’t even have to be focused on the promotion of your business (in fact, we recommend that only around 20% of your social media updates be for direct site promotion), they can be a mix of industry news, relevant links to other sites or posts and pictures of whatever you choose. This is brilliant, as it keeps your brand current in the minds of social media users, without them feeling pressured or coerced into making purchases. Whats more, it allows you to engage with and show an interest in your current and potential clients and customers, making them feel included and more trustworthy of, and connected to, your brand.

Social media provides an ideal channel through which to reach potential clients and customers, while the regular updates and posts on your account work to make your business appear alert, active and up to date. Let our experts assist you with your social media presence to optimise your account’s marketing and business production capability.


Here at Spartan, we understand the importance of maintaining strong, communicative relationships with our clients. An effective strategy for you to keep your clients up to date with the latest news or offers from your business, and to ensure they feel valued, is email marketing.

Our skilled design team will create a bespoke template for your business, ensuring consistency throughout your brand be it on your website, social media or your email marketing. Through sending a only two emails per month to your mailing list, we can ensure your valued customers keep up to date without feeling bombarded, and are more likely to return to your website and repeat purchase your goods and services.

Each email will be followed by a detailed report of the number of opens, click-through to your website, sales conversions as well as the information of any customers who un-subscribe from your mailing list.

Let Spartan help you to build stronger relationships with your clients and customers, whilst bringing more repeat business to your site through an effective email marketing campaign.


Despite having a great product or service, plenty of website visitors and a high-quality responsive website, sometimes your site will still struggle to make sales. There are many reasons for low online conversion rates, some far harder to spot than others! Here at Spartan, we offer a full conversion analytics service; our experts will seek out these flaws in your website and resolve them to improve your site’s conversion performance. We are always looking to ensure that websites we manage are operating at their optimum potential and are always converting visitors into customers.

Here at Spartan Website Design, we are rigorous in our conversion analytics research, always ensuring that we get to the bottom of your web pages issues, no matter how hidden they may be. Our team of web experts are experienced in using top-of-the-line software and strategies to investigate your conversion issues – fixing the problem and optimising your website and ensuring you a solid return on investment.


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